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I am deciding to buy an Apple Magic Mouse but I am wondering about the method which I have to use with Apple's Mighty Mouse:

CASE 1: If I am using OS X and switching to Windows 7:

  1. Remove Mighty mouse from Bluetooth device
  2. Reboot in Windows 7
  3. Add Mighty mouse as new Bluetooth device in Windows 7

CASE 2: If I need to switch back to OS X:

  1. Remove Mighty Mouse from Windows' Bluetooth device list
  2. Reboot in OS X
  3. Add Mighty mouse as new Bluetooth device in OS X

Do I still need to proceed in this way with the Magic Mouse or not?

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I had the same problem. The connection process would go on forever until the mouse just locks up. What I found was that you could reconnect to it in Win7 after you had... (wait for it...)

Removed and replaced the batteries to the Magic Mouse!

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This seems like a duplicate of to me. You should not have to unpair your bluetooth mouse (whether it is Mighty or Magic) from your computer when you switch operating systems.

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