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I'm using an X61s laptop (under Windows) that only has a trackpoint, not a touchpad.

The trackpoint has a scroll function that is activated by holding the middle button and then using the trackpoint to scroll. This is very useful and I don't want to miss it.

However, I would also like to use the middle button to open links in new tabs for instance.

Unfortunately, I have not found a setting that provides both functionalities at the same time. Does anyone know if and how it can be done?

Here are some links to people having the same problem, but no solution, unfortunately:

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I just got a Thinkpad and I can't believe this doesn't work by default. Any luck finding a solution other than AHK? –  endolith Dec 30 '10 at 3:07
I would like to see other solution as well. The AHK dont works for me. –  Gergely Fehérvári Mar 7 '14 at 1:37

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Here is a work around just posted using Autohotkey to simulate a scroll wheel while holding down middle click after a certain amount of time:


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Great! It basically works. And having some kind of source code is a plus, since I may be able to change to fit my needs better. Thanks a lot! –  Mika Fischer Feb 27 '10 at 12:08
for me the AHK not works. any idea why? I have t430s win8.1pro. –  Gergely Fehérvári Mar 7 '14 at 1:36

I'm a thinkpad only guy... and this issue bothers me a lot too. Running Windows 8 currently and finally found this little app that does the trick very nicely. Works with previous versions of windows too! http://users.v-lo.krakow.pl/~mwrobel/programs/tpmiddle.html

Just place it in your startup. Basically... if you press the middle button and don't scroll it will execute the alternate action. So, in browsers usually it will open a page in a new tab. More details in the link, but this solved my issue.

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Simply go to the mouse properties and under the TrackPoint Tab, find "Choose Scrolling and Magnifying Glass Function". Here select "Neither". This would allow you to open new tabs with the middle click and if you use the trackpoint to scroll, it would scroll too.

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I'm unsure if this affects your Thinkpad, but it worked on mine:

Open up the mouse properties and open the Ultranav tab. Click Settings... and change the Scrolling Type to Smooth.

On my system, a middle click works as expected unless held down. Then it acts as a scroll wheel.

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Well, I installed the Synaptics drivers from


then, I chose the center button to be the middle click, found the situation worse than before, uninstalled.

Surprisingly, it now works as it is supposed to be ;)

Maybe you can also just remove the driver for it to work as you want.

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I'm using a Thinkpad Keyboard with Trackpoint on a notebook of another manufacturer and also hat the same problem. I fixed it by looking into the keyboard settings: Devices > Lenovo Keyboard >(Rightclick) Keyboard Settings > External Keyboard. There is an option called "ThinkPad preferred Scrolling", deactivating it brings the expected behavior.

enter image description here

I don't know why the text on this page is in German while everything else is in English as expected, sorry for that.

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well i connected a mouse to my t61 and suddenly the middle button became the middle mouse button (the one you are talking about). Maybe you can try that.

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