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I have an app on my Mac, which seems to be a single file (I know it is not, but appears to be so). And we can just drag and drop it into the iTunes on Mac. But when I copied it into Windows OS for copying that into another iTunes - It appears to be a small file along with a folder. How can I copy this into iTunes so that I can install this into an iPhone?

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Slight improvement on the script mentioned in Shirkrin's link: Building IPA (iPhone Application) Files with Xcode

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You are not excatly right about the iPhone apps and iTunes.
While you can drag a .app into iTunes and install it on your iPhone iTunes will internaly create an .ipa from it first.

ipa's are the native (single zip-file) distribution format used by all iPhone apps
while stored in your iTunes library.

Have a look at this tutorial to learn how to create an ipa from within Xcode.

You should be able to copy the resulting file to a Windows PC and install it in iTunes.

Hope this helps ;)

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