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I am using evolution as my mail client on Ubuntu and sometimes the atachemets sent from a windows machine arive as .dat file. Do you know a fix for this ?

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What is the exact file name? If it is winmail.dat: That is a well-known problem with mails from Microsoft Exchange. Exchange uses a special encoding to transport some Exchange-specific information.

See e.g. this Wikipedia article:

There's software to decode these attachments; it's listed in the article.

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thanks ... i found a plugin for evolution to read the automaticly :) – Gabriel Solomon Jan 4 '10 at 15:56

For Evolution to be able to read the Microsoft proprietary packaging of attachments, you must:

  1. install the following packages:
    • libytnef0
    • evolution-plugins-experimental
    • (on a terminal, 'sudo apt-get install libytnef0 evolution-plugins-experimental' will do it.)
  2. Quit Evolution;
  3. Start Evolution again;
  4. go to Edit/Plugins, and scroll down to "TNEF Attachment decoder"; enable it.
  5. Close the Plugin Manager. You may have to bounce Evolution again, but this is it. I am closing this bug. Please do not hesitate in re-opening it if you feel we did not address your issue. Of course, life would be much more simpler for all if Microsoft were to default to Internet-compatible attachments...

I Hope it will help you.

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Please watch your formatting, there's also no need for a signature, your name is right next to the answer. – Bobby Nov 8 '10 at 8:35

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