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We have a monitor at the office that runs a couple of of full screen applications that keep track of different parts of our production environment.

I'd now like to have a way to flip between 3-4 url:s in a scheduled manner. So the view on the monitor rotates and we can see possible errors in the different views of a couple of different web applications.

Do you know of a script, plug in or application that does this?

Update Looks like this can do what I need for FF. My dream scenario would of course be to have a similar thing working in Chrome and not necessarily by setting up tabs.

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this feature has been requested in the chrome wishlist, you may add your vote:… – Molly7244 Jan 4 '10 at 14:28
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Maybe you can code an HTML-Page "loader" with a large IFRAME. On the loader page there runs a javascript wich continously loads the different URLs into the IFRAME.

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If you don't mind editing a little html yourself try this.

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