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How do I make itunes save tagging information to the file itself?

I tagged a file and then loaded it into a different itunes library on a different computer via a NFS share. The tagging info wasn't present which leads me to believe the tagging info is only stored in the itunes DB.


I'm specifically concerned about movies files, so if you RClick -> Get info

Options -> Media Kind (Movies/TV/etc)

Video -> Show/Episode/Season

These tags don't seem to be saved to the file itself, this is lame.

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which tags? Every time I've tagged a file in itunes the data goes into the file, except for some itunes-specific things like ratings. –  Herms Jan 4 '10 at 15:16
which video file formats are you using? some containers do not support tagging at all: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_container_formats –  Shevek May 13 '10 at 8:11

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Those are probably iTunes-specific tags, and I'm not sure if there's a place to put them in the files. However, if both machines are on the same network and both have the latest version of iTunes then you should be able to transfer them.

The latest version of iTunes (9) added the ability to transfer files from one iTunes library to another through Home Sharing.

At home I have an iMac that stores all my TV shows and movies, while my laptop stores all my music. I use Home Sharing to copy files between the two (backup all music to the iMac, and occasionally copy individual TV shows to the laptop). It works beautifully.

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My experience is that if iTunes is NOT organizing the media, then the tags are not recorded/saved anywhere except in the same iTunes library. If the files are stored inside of the iTunes (media) directory structure then the tags (seem) to be permanent.

Sorry I don't have a fix for this - I'd love a cure. The temporary solution is to allow iTunes to "organize" your media. This will cause all your files to be copied/moved to the iTunes directory and organized in the way iTunes understands (a real mess in my way of thinking). Don't start this process unless you have adequate storage space ( about 2x the size of all your files,if copying) on the iTunes drive, and time to let the computer do the shuffling.

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That's not correct. iTunes will always write tags in files whether they are inside or outside the library, "keep files organized" enabled or not. The issue is that iTunes certain tags are never written to files and are only saved in the database (including music ratings, and video and PDF tags). –  mtone May 13 '12 at 20:08

On OSX, you can tag videos with the free iDentify2. On Windows, MetaX does what you want, but is not free.

Alternatively, you can use iTunes Home Sharing, or make multiple PCs point to a shared iTunes library database (good for single-user usage, avoids maintaining 2 libraries). In both cases, the iTunes client on the other end would see your tags.

Note: The same problem also applies to PDFs.

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