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Is there any way to change the meaning of the multitouch mouse gestures on the macbook pro?

There are 4-finger gestures that it handles, but it looks like the meanings are hard-coded. 4-fingers up/down trigger expose, and left/right work like command-tab.

I'd really love to change one of those to open Spaces.

I'd also love to be able to add a 3-finger click to simulate a middle-mouse-button click (for opening links in new tabs in firefox).

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Spent some more time looking through google and managed to find one that appears to work exactly the way I want:

I turned off the default 4-finger swipe handling and was able to add 4-finger up as spaces and 4-finger down as expose. Was also able to define 3-finger click as Command-click (which is what's actually used in FF to open a new tab).

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One utility that'll do this is MultiClutch, which appears to be in perpetual beta, but nonetheless gets good reviews.

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I saw that one, but a couple posts suggested problems with 10.6 (though maybe those comments were out of date). But even then, it seems to only let you define keyboard combinations to the gestures. I could accomplish most things with that, but I think I like BTT's buit-in special commands like Spaces and Expose, and its ability to do mouse clicks. – Herms Jan 4 '10 at 18:26

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