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I recently downloaded Google Chrome with Ubuntu 9.04 and love it.

Ironically one site I consistently have issues with is gmail. When I enter gmail I will click a link, say an email or the inbox link. After a very long wait (on the order of 30 seconds to a couple of minutes) my page will load with an error such as:

Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode. Learn More.

Googling the symptoms has not helped.

Has anyone else had any similar issues? Has anything helped?

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see this one for some more:… – Chris_K Jan 5 '10 at 2:01

i've encountered the same problem, but on a different os.

-Windows XP -Chrome dev build

When loading (even with lab=0) the site lags and presents errors. Html version does work, but thats not really a solution.

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It's possible that you've enabled a Lab that is having issues. Try appending ?labs=0 to the url to turn of all labs; if that fixes the problem you can experiment with turning off individual labs to see if you can narrow down the problem

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