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Possible Duplicate:
When reinstalling Windows 7, does the language, version, architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) or source (OEM, retail, or MSDN) matter?

I just bought A Dell Opiplex 960 w/ Win 7 (32 bit) and I want to also have the 64 bit for testing (installed on a separate partition).

I went to the site but it's not validating my Service Code (even though I bought it 20 days ago).

Can I got directly to Microsoft for it? And how?

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Your serial key is valid for either and you should of got a choice when purchasing.

I am not sure if your licence covers you for using them both at the same time even if on the same machine. I think the answer would be no as I asked Microsoft directly a similar question a few years ago.

Your best bet is to ask Dell directly, you bought the machine from them and they should be the ones responsible for this sort of thing.

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you should contact Dell regarding the Service Code (which you may need for warranty issues).

as for Windows 7 x64, if you bought the computer with Windows 7 x86 you will have to purchase the retail version of Windows 7 x64 as you're not entitled for both versions from one OEM license.

If you just want to test it, Microsoft offers a free trial of Windows 7 Enterprise (x86 & x64), you can use it for 90 days

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@Molly incorrect - You are licensed to use Windows 7, not 32 or 64 bit... Dell should be able to provide the media - but one licence key gives you the ability to use both just not at the same time. – William Hilsum Jan 5 '10 at 4:27

You would only have the option to install 32 & 64 bit if you purchased windows 7 as a retail product.

Any operating system bundled with a system will, under most situations always be an OEM product. Which apart from costing you 150$ less then it's retail alternative, is locked to the system it is pre-installed on via the eula agreement you had to agree to when starting your new system.

If you just want to test the 64bit on a different partition I would agree with Molly and install the Trial Enterprise edition of the software. When the trial runs out you can rearm the expiry date 3 times to squeeze another 90 days out of the install. Instructions can be found here

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That makes sense. But they're sending met the 64 bit CD anyway. – Clay Nichols Jan 6 '10 at 1:04
That's great I'm glad they sent it, it will most likely be a recovery disc set that will format your pc and change it to the 64 bit version so make sure you backup any data before swapping over. – Kythos Jan 6 '10 at 2:22

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