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Im looking for program that works on my windows mobile that i can listen to pod casts with im looking for the following.

  • Ability to download pod casts from RSS feeds
  • Ability ( You would think this is a not something i would have to ask for, but the pod cast players i found did not support pasting in the url to the rss feed)
  • Bonus: Ability to share the podcast list with my windows computer

Limits Cannot be itunes.

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Check out Pocket Podcasts.

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I use Juice for my windows machine, which doesn't specifically say it can be used for windows mobile, but since it's open source, perhaps you can get it to work. Their web page also has links to several related sites, of which, podnova, might fit your needs. They specifically say:

Tired of synching your podcasts through iTunes?

Let us stream all your favorite content right into your pocket.

PodNova Mobile

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Watch the demo, it is awesome.

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BeyondPod is awesome. Manage it all from your phone.

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