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$ sudo pear install phpunit/PHPUnit
Unknown remote channel:
phpunit/PHPUnit requires package "channel://" (version >= 1.0.2)
phpunit/PHPUnit can optionally use PHP extension "xdebug" (version >= 2.0.5)
No valid packages found
install failed

What do I need to do to be able to install PHPUnit?

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Have you registered the channel required to install YAML?

pear channel-discover

Depending on how pear is installed and configured, you may need to preface the command with "sudo" to run it as root.

From the PHPUnit manual:

The PEAR channel ( that is used to distribute PHPUnit needs to be registered with the local PEAR environment. Furthermore, a component that PHPUnit depends upon is hosted on the Symfony Components PEAR channel (

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that didn't work for me, this was the message: pear channel-discover Discovering channel over http:// failed with message: channel-add: temp_dir is not writable: "/usr/local/temp" - You can change this location with "pear config-set temp_dir" Trying to discover channel over https:// instead Discovery of channel "" failed (channel-add: temp_dir is not writable: "/usr/local/temp" - You can change this location with "pear config-set temp_dir") – Andrew Jan 5 '10 at 17:39
nevermind, it worked when I prepended with "sudo" – Andrew Jan 5 '10 at 17:41 may not be the best place to ask question regards sf2 and since there isn't yet any efficient way to receive support with symfony 2 I think the following proposal is a very good idea! - A new Q&A site for symfony2 - Please join & spread the word! – Xuni Nov 20 '11 at 10:35

If this does not work for you:

pear channel-discover 

Try this:

pear channel-discover
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It's no longer dependant on the channel, you need to add the channel instead. Please see here

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Following solutions works for me.

sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear channel-discover
pear install
sudo pear upgrade-all
pear install --alldeps

Note: Windows user's don't use sudo before the command.

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