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At random intervals (and I do mean random), X will stop refreshing the screen---for all practical purposes and by all definitions, it's frozen solid. Whatever it was trying to display at the instant Xorg decides to sulk ends there. Switching to a virtual terminal works, but switching back to X ends up with either a black screen, or the frozen state. Quitting Xorg altogether brings me back to my login prompt (agetty or Qingy) just fine, but logging back in and starting a new X session just produces a black screen.

Gets rather embarrassing whenever it freezes up while I'm watching pr0n writing particularly ugly code.

The weird part is, clicks and key presses work fine, and so does my cursor. I can quit any apps I'm running to save my place in a pr0n video whatever code I'm working on, tell people I'm IM'ing that I need to restart... Does wonders for enhancing my memory when I'm left trying to figure out how many Pidgin tabs I have, and who's the person I'm talking with on the currently active one, but wreaks havoc on my uptime stats.

At first I thought it was KMS. I turned it off, it still happens. Thought it might be Qingy tripping me up, so I switched back to agetty and then to XDM. Random lock ups still happen. Thought maybe it was X punishing me for going whole-hog with the HAL configuration, so I re-copied my xorg.conf backup. Doesn't help.

Possibly it's a driver issue, but Googling doesn't turn up anything even remotely resembling my problem as I've stated it. Probably not a kernel issue; gone through at least 3 point releases now.

If you're experiencing the exact same (or very similar problem), but don't have a solution: please, leave a comment. At least I'll know Xorg isn't just tripping on me.

(Oh, and by the way, I'm using Arch Linux, with the testing repo on, using an Intel 945GM vid adapter within a Toshiba Portege.)

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A couple of hours after posting this, I downgraded my copy of X's Intel video driver, just for the hell of it. keeps his fingers crossed So far, so good, though it sometimes takes up to two or three days after a reboot before the problem kicks in. – Neil Santos Jan 7 '10 at 11:14
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Looks like it really is a video driver issue. Haven't had the problem come up since downgrading.

Heads up to anyone experiencing the same problem. (current version installed 2.9.1; was previously at, I believe.)

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