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I am an ATT DSL customer.

I want the camera to send an email when motion detection is triggered.

Can anyone tell me how he managed to do that using:

  1. GMail (I cannot because I don't think it supports SSL)
  2. other alternatives if GMail is not supported
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If you have a computer on with the camera here are some options:

  1. Configure that computer with a mail server. Have the camera email your Gmail using that server as it's email server.
  2. Configure that computer with stunnel and have stunnel proxy the SSL part of your email connection.

Also, you could have the camera email to a non-SSL (Gmail) account and have Gmail pickup that account's email.

(Also, ensure you try both ports for Gmail 465 or 587, I have some programs that work with one and not the other. This camera may be the same.)

I hope these tips help.

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I have my camera send me email at a gmail address, but I use my ISP's smtp server to do so.

At setup/trigger/motion detection

  • set the transfer method to e-mail,
  • set the smtp server to your friendly smtp server (I use my ISP)
  • set the port to 25
  • set a reply and destination email
  • set a subject and any text, and then
  • set up authentication as appropriate
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