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I originally asked this at Stack Overflow but it was closed due to it not being programming related, so...

I'm looking for a Version Control system that has a pretty front end that I can customize to look the way I want.

Users need to have the ability to upload documents and edit them - Based on their access level. Some documents will require a higher access level to edit. Some documents will be available for download to all users and some will be more privatized that require higher access levels.

The documents will need to have a Date Modified and a 'Currently Checkout' type thing - Which I guess is pretty standard with Version Control systems.

Having the ability to edit the documents in the site rather than having to download, edit and then reupload would be a huge bonus. Printing the documents in PDF would also be nice.

Does such a system exist?

A web-based CMS can't be used as the Documents need to remain intact. DOCX files need to be DOCX files. Not web-based articles.

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If such a system exists, it is probably proprietary. And I'm talking $$$$$$$$$$$$$ proprietary. –  Tyler Carter Jan 6 '10 at 4:21
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Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0) is the free version of Microsoft SharePoint. You will need Windows Server 2003 or later on which to install it.

Alfresco was mentioned which is another document management system you can get for free. You will need a Windows or Linux server with a web application server and database. Or access to a hosted server with the same requirements.

Google Docs or Microsoft Office Live may also give you want you are looking for. However, you need to be comfortable placing these documents under the control of a third party.

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I up the vote for google docs. You can do a lot with it, simple versioning# –  Vass Sep 24 '11 at 20:21

You haven't said if you want to install a system like this on a server or to use a 3rd party service.

If you want to install something like this for your business, there are plenty of Document Management Systems available. My last company used Alfresco and it was quite popular. Alfresco is open-source and there is a free version available.

If you are after a 3rd party service, Box or Sharepoint will fulfil most of your criteria.

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From what I've seen in the demo, knowledgetree.com seems to be pretty good. They also have an open-source community edition. –  Logi Jan 7 '10 at 0:56

Subversion is most commonly used for version control of code, but can be used for anything, really. It has several third-party web interfaces to chose from, which can be found in the High Level Tools section of their Links page.

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FWIW I have found code source control systems difficult to use for document version control. They tend to be overkill especially for non-programmers. –  Iain Jan 7 '10 at 21:11

Subversion is decent, as well as Google Docs or Google Wave

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Use GForge.

enter image description here

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I once used Knowledgetree for version control on an ISO-9000 implementation in a previous job, as far as I know they still use it today, it was a good solution for that particular need, but it all comes back to your exact need and from there you can decide if that is a good solution for you.

Good luck!

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KnowledgeTree is the answer. It's open source PHP so you can do whatever you want with minimal hassle.

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