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Is it possible to use video on a group call in skype?

I have the video working great for regular calling but it seems like the video just disapears when I try to start a group call.

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Is it possible to use video on a group call in skype?

no, Skype does not support video conferencing.

have a look a ooVoo (but it ain't free for calls to 3 or more participants).

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Skype is working on Group Video. Have a look at the 5.0 Beta.


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Skype golden version 5.x is released, you can download from skype official site.

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Skype disables it for some odd reason. Linux allows several skype instances. I think you can open two skypes and call one-to-one with each skype instance. However, I'm not sure if the webcam driver let's two applications read the camera at the same time.

Watch out for ooVoo! Just a few hours after installing it, I had several viruses and had to reinstall Windows. The exact same thing happened to about three other people that I know.

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