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I'm new to animation. I have Max 2010. Basically I have a ball and it has keyframes where it bounces and moves 15 units forward I want a way to be able to add this animation as many times as I want so it bounces and always moves 15 more units. When I shift drag my keyframes, the ball moves 15 units, then quickly goes back and moves the same 15 units. I want it to be like a bip file where it can be added relative to the current position. (Essentially creating a generic ball bounce). Thanks

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You want to create a 'relative repeat' type of animation? Escalight has a good collection of online tutorials.

If you are new to animation, I strongly urge you to work through some tutorials first, else you are going to be posting 10 new question here every day. Some good starting points:

  1. - this is an excellent online resource - has good depth. Check out the presentation for week 8. This isite also has some other good references, books & online.
  2. - lots of visual examples.
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