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I'm running gvim on my mac from /usr/local/bin. If I invoke it from a terminal window it opens it up in a new window. I'd like to get it to just run in the same window I'm already using. How do I do that? I realize this is probably a really dumb question but I'm a big time mac noob.

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You don't. you use vim or vi. – DaveParillo Jan 6 '10 at 21:43
gvim doesn't run in a terminal, it needs its own graphical window. As the others said, use vim instead. – pavium Jan 6 '10 at 21:48
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'gvim' is the graphical version of vim. Try /usr/local/bin/vim instead.

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I'm not sure about Mac, but I'm using gVim on my Windows PC (I have it loaded on a USB) and I can enter the terminal mode by running the core exe within the file tree.

(Keep in mind: I am using a version of gVim downloaded from

When you go into your gVimPortable folder you should see:

App (folder)
Data (folder)
Other (folder)

clicking gVimPortable will give you a GUI version like normal, but instead try this:


And run vim.exe NOT gVim.exe.

To open it from within a already opened command window just type the full path to the file and include vim.exe onto the end of it.

I hopes this helps you on mac!

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+1 Although there is another, straightforward answer for Mac, this answer will be useful for Windows users with similar problem. – Kamil Maciorowski May 13 at 7:17

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