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I tried to do this with ffmpeg but failed (I also failed making animated GIFs). Is there a simple to use free program (command line is okay) to convert videos to animated PNGs?

As long as it doesn't dump the video frame by frame into PNG files and create a monster size PNG then I should like it. (I didnt see an option to make ffmpeg not dump every frame)

alt text

From the wiki

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apng / mng never gained much support. ffmpeg can decode animated png, but can only create animated gif and webp. (No other ffmpeg output formats support a loop flag in the container, as far as I can tell, not even nut, mkv, or ogg.)

webp is the current animation-supporting image format that's trying to gain traction. With google behind it, there's a good chance. It can do lossy and lossless, and even lossy-image with lossless-transparency. It's based on the intra-frames of the VPx video codec, IIRC.

ffmpeg can create webp animations, but even ffplay can't play them back. vwebp (in the webp package) can.

ffmpeg -framerate 15 -i b93-'%d.png' -loop 128 containerloop.webp

The other option for putting repeating loops of images on the web is an HTML5 video tag with the loop attribute. Great for higher resolution, and live action (rather than computer graphics with a lot of areas all the same color). Don't use it all over the place instead of animated gifs, though. Web browsers aren't optimized for lots of small videos on pages.

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I copied that command line from an answer to another question. -loop 0 repeats forever, so that would be the more typical use. – Peter Cordes Jan 15 '15 at 10:32

This sort of thing has been done before (with gif) using imagemagick. APNG is not an official file format - the PNG group doesn't support this extension. Even if you get this to work, you are likely going to have lingering issues. You should probably consider an animated gif, unless you have some reason you are forced to use png.

Checkout the page on Video Handling. Also take a look at Animation Basics and Optimization.

I appear to be able to convert avi to apng directly on linux, but it fails on windows. A work around on windows would be to convert the movie to a sequence of stills:

convert test.avi frame%04d.png

if you want to use ffmpeg, this will extract frames every 5 seconds:

ffmpeg -i test.avi -y -ss 5 -an -r 1/5 frame%03d.png

then making the animation by using the apng edit firefox plugin.

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Looks pretty good! – DaveParillo Jan 8 '10 at 16:20

Dunno if this'll work, but try: Format Factory ( It's a good free all-around converter for Windows.

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