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I'm trying out Zend Studio trial and I have a few things on my mind related to PhpDoc.

If I have the following code:

public function sum($a, $b)
 echo $a + $b;

and then I start typing /** in the front of the function and press Enter, Zend Studio automatically makes the following text:

 * [cursor]
 * @param unknown_type $a
 * @param unknown_type $b

However, I want to customize this so that it also includes @return void automatically since there's no return inside the function. Is there a way to do this? And what about things like @access? It's obviously "public".

Another thing I want is that when I create a new file and I use the code templates with ${user}, it will use my Windows account, but I want it to use something else - is there a way to specify this "user"?

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up vote 1 down vote accepted has good documentation, including Code Templates Preferences for Zend Studio.

zend preferences

Because it's eclipse based, you may find useful tips at places like:

  1. Getting started with Eclipse code templates
  2. PHP Developer Tools template idea
  3. Using Eclipse Templates
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