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How to create a customized version of an Windows XP installation CD?

I want a hand's off installation that will install all the themes, drivers, and applications I need without my intervention. How can I do that?

I tried to make use of this software called nLite. But then I tested the ISO file using VirtualBox. The VirtualBox said that there's a certain file that cannot be copied. And by the way, before I customized the original ISO image of Windows XP SP3, it doesn't have the file copying problem that I mentioned above.

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There is 'no one-fits-all' solution to Windows customization.

If you're new to nLite, look around and you will find plenty ready-made nLite presets (AKA session.ini files) on the interwebs.

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nLite IS the software to do it. Anything else isn't as good - nLite is the standard for a reason. It's not infallible, but do try again.

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