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Does anyone know a good/neat way to create directory shortcuts in Vim?

Akin to the "~[shortcut]" in Zsh which you can use to quickly specify a directory.

I could create aliases in my home directory and use "~/[alias]" but it would be nice if I could have something only available in Vim.

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You can use cmdalias for Vim. Then you can make custom aliases such as cdsrc to change to a directory like /home/user/project/source.

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There is a FavEx plugin:

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NerdTree provides bookmarks handling. See ":h NerdTreeBookmarks".

While not directly accessible via ":cd", there is at least ":NERDTreeFromBookmark", where you can then "cd" to this (or another dir).

Also "B" in the NERDTree window will toggle display of bookmarks, and allows to easily access them.

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NerdTree looks awesome. Thanks! – Daisuke Shimamoto Dec 13 '11 at 7:15

Something like

let $vimfiles = "c:\\ldigas-home\\gvim72\\vim\\vimfiles"

so when I go

 cd $vimfiles  

it puts me in


Or did you have something else in mind ?

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One way I solved this was by having something like this:

nnoremap <silent> <leader>hd :e ~/daisuke

in my .vimrc. This will populate the command with ":e ~/daisuke" with the cursor at the end. This actually suites me well as majority of the time, I want to edit a file under that directory not necessarily just cd to it (sorry should have been more clear about this!)

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