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I wonder if the following things can be done with the HTML notes pane of Freemind:

  1. is it possible on the layout view to decrease the separation between lines?
  2. the panel is horizontal, is it possible to setup a vertical view? (I have a big, horizontal-like monitor)

By the way, when I move the mouse pointer over a node, I can see the HTML note associated with it, but its view (as a yellow square) only lasts for some seconds. Can it be made permanent?

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this is an interesting quesiton – flow Feb 21 '10 at 14:07

I've just looked through Freemind's config files: and (usually in c:\documents and settings\.freemind) and can't see any relevant options.

Maybe the best thing you can do is check if the latest version (0.9?) supports this and if not suggest these things to the developer?

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