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I have the next mainboard.

Intel Desktop Board DX38BT - Mainboard – ATX - iX38 – LGA775 Socket – UDMA 100, Serial ATA 300 (RAID), eSATA

I have two data outputs which connect to my hard disks. I have bought and additional hard disk. All disks are SATA disks. I would like to have all three hard disk connected. Is it possible? Are there cables with two connectors in one side and one side in the other. I asked in my home Informatics shop and they told me not.

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Please specify: Are we talking about IDE or SATA harddisks? – Bobby Jan 8 '10 at 12:05
They are all SATA disks. I updated the questions. Thanks – Sergio del Amo Jan 8 '10 at 12:07
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According to the spec the board has 6 SATA and 1 PATA (IDE) connection (so you can have 2 IDE devices) so it depends on how you connect your existing 2 HDDs (and any Optical drives you have)

If your new HDD is SATA then it should have a free SATA port to connect to

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The board has 6 SATA-Connector (at least the images from Google are telling me this). Just use the next two.

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