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I am trying to get to a folder on my local network on the local view of filezilla in Mac OS X. When I browse to network I can see the folder fine. But I can't browse to it in filezilla ( Network inside \ is empty). When I try these paths it says 'path not found':


I'm not really a Mac guy but I'm totally confused why I can't seem to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Using the Finder menu bar, click Go -> Connect to Server.
  2. Type in smb://myNAS/
  3. Choose the share that you want to mount (let's called it SharedFolder). The mounted share is now located in /Volumes/SharedFolder.
  4. In FileZilla or any other application, you can now access /Volumes/SharedFolder as though it was local.

It's like Map Network Drive in Windows, assuming you're a Windows guy. Hope this helps!

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Thanks much! That worked perfectly. – AyexeM Jan 8 '10 at 18:01

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