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Is there a way to automatically create an odd-numbers list in Word 2007 without having to manually change each line number by using the "Set Numbering Value" menu item in the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon?

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It appears that you don't, unless you do it via code (macro or something).

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This might be a case for expediency over elegance. Does not require use of 'Set Numbering Vale' but is a nasty hack that could go horribly wrong (so if you must use it, DO SO WITH CAUTION - on a copy to begin with).

  1. Ensure there are not adjoining pilcrows at the end of the list (if necessary to avoid this, add a space or something).
  2. Carefully select range to be numbered, and choose required format (sequential numbers at this point).
  3. Home, Editing, Replace, Find what: ^13, Replace with: ^p^p, check Use wildcards, select last ^p, Replace Format, Font, Size: 1, Font color: White, Background 1 (assuming you are on a white background), OK.
  4. Click Replace (NOT Replace All) as often (but no more than that!) as required.

SU93255 example

Sounds pretty tedious but I am guessing your even number aversion is chronic. And dealing with lots of lists in one document this way is not too onerous since Find and Replace holds the settings.

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