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For some reason, I do not know if it happened when i upgraded to Zune 4.00 on Windows, or after i migrated the OS onto a new motherboard (thus new onboard audio chipset) yesterday, but I just noticed the volume bar is completely not working. Yes i do not use the Zune program on Windows that often.

The volume bar can be adjusted or even muted but the Zune program continues to play the audio clips/podcasts based on the main Windows volume setting.

As far as i have tested, Winamp, Windows Media Player, other software with independent volume controls work normally. Only Zune appears to have this problem.

Anybody know how Zune program directs sound to Windows?

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well, through some apparent massive abuse of the network adapter I put Windows/Outlook through (not spam), it STOP Error blue-screened on me, forcing me to restart the computer.

On fresh system boot, Zune's volume bar works now. :-/

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