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I am working currently on a dual boot between Windows 7 and Linux. I removed the GRUB bootloader successfully, because i wanted to use the Windows Bootloader.

Now, i used EasyBCD and some knowledge of 'bcdedit' to edit the Boot Manager, but, when i restart my computer, the boot manager isn't showing up, it just automaticlly boots into Windows.

Can anyone help me out?

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Did you install EasyBCD's bootloader - NeoGrub?

Instructions from here:

  1. Launch EasyBCD
  2. Go to the "Add/Remove Entries" Screen.
  3. Navigate to the "NeoGrub" tab in the "Add an Entry" section.
  4. Select "Install NeoGrub"
  5. Wait for the "Installation Complete" notification.
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I fixed it.

With EasyBCD i restored my BCD, now it works again.

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Run msconfig and check the boot tab. Vista and Windows 7 phased out the boot.ini of earlier Windows versions. Perhaps EasyBCD and bcdedit haven't completely catched up.

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