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Does anyone remember DOS Navigator? It has a text editor that allows to copy/paste blocks of text. Does anyone know a Windows text editor with the same capability?

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If you mean selecting and manipulating rectangular blocks of text instead of lines, then a few spring to mind:

  • Far's editor can do that; just hold Alt instead of Shift while selecting
  • Notepad++ can do it as well; just hold Alt+Shift but the implementation is horrible. For example, your block can't extend further to the right than the length of the current line (even though other lines in the block may be longer). In my eyes, this is a bug.
  • Visual Studio also allows this, using Alt+Shift again.
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I have fantastic news for you.

MS Word, has always let you do a block highlight.

ALT+drag the mouse.

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How about gvim? You can easily copy and paste blocks using yy (yank) and p to paste.

For example, if you wanted to copy 3 lines starting on the line of the cursor, you'd first press Esc to ensure you were in command mode, then 3yy.

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