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I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to connect to a wireless network on my ubuntu 9.10 laptop and have it act as a bridge to a LAN network.

House Wifi router <-> laptop <-> room router <-> NAS/PC

I've found plenty of examples using wired to wired but I'm not finding things for my specific setup.

Wifi House router <-> laptop <-> PC is my immediate goal. I'm moving out and won't have my USB wifi adapter until a week after I move in:(

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand how one makes a eth <-> eth firewall or a router, but not wireless <-> wired. Perhaps I'm just missing something.

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What have you tried so far? What isn't working? This is a fairly broad question - more detail about what's failing would help us provide better answers – James Polley Dec 30 '09 at 10:17

The only differences from doing this with two wired interfaces should be:

  • You'll have to make sure that the wireless interface is up first (not such a worry with ethernet interfaces - they tend to come up very early during the boot process)
  • The wireless interface will have a different name - ath0 or wi0 or something else - rather than eth0/eth1

You may find that your wireless network is picky about MAC address, in which case a pure bridge might not work - you might have to make your laptop act as a router instead, or have it rewrite MAC addresses, so that the wireless interface only ever sees one MAC address.

(ebtables can handle the MAC address mangling if that becomes neccessary; it's probably simpler just to set up the routing)

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