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I am newbie ubuntu user (just migrated from windows) .

And i am trying to connect to internet and having problems with that .

I connect via that modem , but i cant see how I establish the connection under ubuntu.

Tried googling that, but can't see relevant information .

Thanks , a lot .

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As long as the cable modem pushes out a DHCP address, Ubuntu should pick up everything by default. ifconfig should show you what ethernet devices are on the system.

Try ifconfig -a and report back what it provides as output.

You'll also want to check /etc/network/interfaces. It should look something like this if you're using DHCP:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
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just to start with, I would suggest you to take a look at the Ubuntu Documentation.

If you'll find other problems, you could write some more informations about your issue:

  • release of Ubuntu
  • what do you want to achieve
  • what do you do in order to achieve it
  • what happens

for instance. Any further information (could) be helpful.

Hope to hear from you soon, though!


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  1. Right click the NetworkManager icon and click Edit connections
  2. Click DSL
  3. Click Add

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