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Under Ubuntu 9.10, I have some screen savers that I like, but I cannot change any option that would otherwise be specific for each screen saver, like for the photo/slideshow, to specify the actual pictures directory. Is there a package I can install that will give me more control, such as what I could for Compiz that gives me all possible options ?

Currently I see some screen savers that talk about furhter options, but there is no button to access such options.

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You mean howto create a xml file for a slideshow as wallpaper-changer? see here

or use wally. If you mean screensaver there's the option to set a folder of your choise with pics.

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You have to replace the default gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver.

This guide explains how to do it, but it's quite old. You should probably refer to this FAQ too. If you get it working, maybe consider posting an updated guide to the Ubuntu Wiki?

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