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My desktop computer (1 OS, 1 drive, 1 partition) hangs during the Windows 7 boot process. When selecting F8 I can select Safe Boot which allows me to see the files processed during the boot process. I know that the last line displayed is the last file that was SUCCESFULLY loaded. How do I find out what the next line, and the potential candidate driver/file/program would have been?

The unusual thing, at least in my experience, is that the freezing up of the system also happens when I boot from the Windows 7 install disks, which is preventing me from any repair options.

With a failure of both, I cannot not restore Windows 7 to a previous date or uninstall drivers/programs that may be the cause of the hanging.

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You can try to enable the No GUI boot option to get rid of the GUI during start-up. OS boot information shows a list of what's loading as it happens - during start-up - so you can know what file is loading if the system is frozen.

In the start search bar type msconfig to open System Configuration. Select Boot tab and tick the No GUI boot and OS boot information

No GUI boot

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But he can't boot into windows in the first place... – Vervious Apr 19 '10 at 0:49

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