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Is there software that lets me record my actions and just play them again? I need software that lets me record my actions and allows me to input some variables like (from Excel file: list of name, list of email, list of website). The software must be able to interact with a browser and Windows applications since it would go to websites and send some files from my computer.


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I would probably go for Autohotkey. It records macros, and can play them back either by creating an exe file, or using a hotkey.

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Windows Macro Recorder does exactly that.

  • Record all mouse and keystrokes events of any windows application
  • Play back recorded macro.
  • Save recorded macro to disk
  • Load a macro from disk
  • Light indicator when recording process is running
  • Hide window to tray
  • Repeat option
  • Command line options

alt text

Windows Macro Recorder is freeware.

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The classic choice is: Autohotkey/Autoit for Windows, Automator for Mac and the iMacros IE/Firefox/Chrome addons for web browser automation

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