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I have a drive with 3 partitions - Vista, Ubuntu and just storage. I'm used to creating and formatting partitions.

However, I have never formatted a entire drive with partitions. Any pointers to resources would be great.

Again I wish to format the entire drive removing the partitions.

EDIT: The Vista parition is corrupt and not recoverable.

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A little more information is that the Vista partition is corrupt and not recoverable. So I need to fully format it. – halogenp Jan 11 '10 at 0:25

It depends on what you're using to format it, but in most cases

  1. Delete the old partitions in your favorite drive management tool -- Windows' Disk Management console, or GParted, etc.
  2. Create new partitions as desired.
  3. Format the new partitions with whatever filesystems are needed.
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If your goal is to erase the entire drive and remove the partition table, you can just use DBAN over it.

If you want to keep the partitions but format each as a specific file system, gparted can help you with that.

If you plan on instantly installing a new OS to the entire drive, most OS installers will allow you to select the entire drive as the target, and they will get rid of the partitions before installing.

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dban takes a while - just deleting the partitions should be sufficient IMHO – Journeyman Geek Jan 11 '10 at 0:25
Yes but he hasn't indicated his intentions with the disk. If he's formatting it because he's getting rid of it, I'd DBAN it. – John T Jan 11 '10 at 0:26

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you can use Active@ Kill Disk, it will take care of it and delete all partitions on the drive.

Active@ Kill Disk is freeware.

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