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I am after a USB hub with at least 5 ports, and a built in 3.5mm headphone jack so I can use that to reduce the cables hanging out of my Macbook when it is on my desk.

I don't want one that requires me to plug a 3.5mm headphone jack into my Macbook. Is it possible to get a hub that also doubles as a USB 'sound card', so I can plug my speakers into it, but still only have to plug the hub into my Macbook using a single USB cable.

Does such a product exist?

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I've not been able to dig up anything that fixes the audio issue within the hub, but I have found several products such as this, which function as USB sound cards. Perhaps you could pick up a USB hub with six ports and purchase one of those to go with it?

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Here is USB Sound Card w/ 3 Port USB Hub + Card Reader. I didn't see one with more ports.

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