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i downloaded Fedora 12 iso file. how can i create a bookable disc from an iso file and install

Please suggest me how to install Fedora 12 in a machine ?

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Well on windows, you can use imageburn to burn the iso into a cd. If you have linux, brasero and k3b do the same thing. remember that you want a cd with the iso contents, not a cd with the iso in it.

Alternately assuming you have a USB key and the image is of a livecd, you can use unetbootin or rufus to make a bootable usb to do the install

Oh, and for god's sake, RTFA. I believe fedora should have a guide on how to install it.

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Try using a Fedora-specific tool for creating live USB drives - Fedora LiveUSB Creator. The liveusb-creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing live operating systems onto USB flash drives.

⠀• Works in Windows and RPM-based Linux distributions
⠀• There is no need to deal with formatting or partitioning your USB flash drive.
⠀• Supports automatically downloading various Fedora releases
⠀• Persistent storage creation
⠀• Checksum verification

enter image description here

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