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I'm new to openSuse 11.1, I have several crontab jobs running, one of which creates a dynamic list of 'at' jobs each day. I've noticed every time one of the 'at' jobs finish, an email is sent to /var/usr/emails/dave.

Is there anyway I can have these emails forwarded to other email addresses?

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Where exactly are those "other" emails located? ~/Mail? Gmail's inbox? /var/mail/dave? – grawity Jan 11 '10 at 12:52
Sorry have edited question, meant to say email addresses. – user24381 Jan 11 '10 at 15:25
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If you have a sendmail-compatible MTA, crond will use it to send mail, like most other Unix programs do.

If you want to forward everything to an "outside" mailbox, you need to install a MTA. For a server, I prefer postfix - but there also are exim4 and the old sendmail, after which that binary was named.

For a personal computer, where you don't need incoming mail, you can get esmtp - it relays mail through an external SMTP server, such as Gmail's or your ISP's. (You probably will need to get a MDA such as procmail or maildrop and configure esmtp for it. It's still more lightweight than having five postfix daemons running.)

Then, create a file ~/.forward with your real email address in it, and everything should be forwarded there.

/var/usr/emails/$USER is quite an unusual place to store mail... for me, at least.

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Thanks for the answer exactly what i'm looking for. :-) No emails are stored here, a file is created, a report from /bin/sh when it finishs any execution of scripts, this file contains any print statements from my 'at' jobs, helping me to get feedback. Thought it would be nice to have this file forwarded to me when i'm not at the desk. – user24381 Jan 12 '10 at 9:17

I would say the .forward file might be your friend. Or set up a mail account in your favorite mailbrowser for local mail access for maintainance

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