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I want to record my screen to make a tutorial. I tried to use camStudio but it goes all weird after a couple mins. Like I am recording then all of a sudden a popup from windows says that all the memory for colors is being used and it will stop using areo. Then a few mins later my screen starts going nuts and it starts flashing green.

So I am not sure what to record and I can't afford to buy Camtasia.

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There is a nice list of screencasting software here with comparison of features. Not much of it's free though, but there are a few exceptions, as well as some shareware options. Given that I rarely use it, unfortunatelly, I cannot give a recommendation.

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Try Jing, works fine for me with Windows 7.

The venerable Faststone Capture is no longer free but it now offers video capture (using the 'Youtube-friendly' WMV format) and is very reasonably priced ($19.95)

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If I can't find anything else then I will use that but I rather have unbranded videos and does youtube allow swf files? – chobo2 Jan 12 '10 at 0:08
no SWF to youtube, need to convert. – Molly7244 Jan 12 '10 at 0:10

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