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I don't have floppy drive on my computer.

Is there any way that i can make the password reset disk in a folders so that when i lose my passowrd then i can choose that folder to work as password reset disk.

Is there any other option available beside Floppy drive

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A flash drive (thumb stick, thumb drive, whatever you want to call it) should work fine. I've never actually reset my password, but I've sucessfully made one from a USB flash drive. You should be able to pick up a small one for cheap if you don't have one. Really handy things.

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You can make a password reset CD instead of a floppy.

See for an image of such a CD.

Download it, and burn it to a blank CD with something like ISO Recorder.

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Again, not quite what they're asking. But it would do essentially the same thing. Point. – Nathaniel Jan 12 '10 at 4:33

Here you go:

You can use pretty much anything aside from a Floppy Disk these days.

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You can Linux on second partition, and use it to reset Windows password (there are some programs for that for Linux -

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This isn't quite what they're asking. Re-read the question. – Nathaniel Jan 12 '10 at 4:31

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