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We use Adobe Acrobat at work for creating signed PDF documents. Currently run Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional to sign these documents. Acrobat Reader will not sign PDFs. Is there any non acrobat product that can:

  1. Sign PDFs
  2. Add signature fields to PDFs.

The first is more important than the second since I sign PDFs more than I insert signature fields in PDFs.

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OpenSignPdf is an open source project for the digital signature of PDF documents.

I'm not sure it this is a good idea, but there is experimental online PDF signing service.

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Ludwig, I'm looking for something that can sign PDF forms in particur places, not to sign a document as authentic. That does look interesting though. – Justin Dearing Jul 27 '09 at 11:15

pdfMachine pro does digital signatures. They will also sell you a certificate if you want.

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Have you tried foxit reader and creator?

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when posting Software recommendations (and it happens to be on topic), try to stick to a format as suggested in this meta thread – Canadian Luke Aug 9 '12 at 21:04
Foxit Reader 7.3 (portable) has a (digital) signing feature in the menu PROTECT / Sign&Certify... – David Balažic Apr 27 at 20:50

jpdftweak, although I never tested signing with it.

If you want to do it from a program, look at iText.

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You have also Portable Signer that does PDF signing, and is multi platform. It is based on the iText library.

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