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I've just noticed them more recently; does anyone know what the .srr extension is used for? I always find them with .avi files (encoded as DivX or Xvid). I tried searching the usual extension sites but couldn't find a definition that looks valid for this context... Perhaps I didn't look hard enough.

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These are related to "Scene releases". SRR files are created by ReScene.


What is this .srr file?

The .srr file is the format used by ReScene. It contains backups of all parts of the RAR files that are not the actual archived data. It can also store any other miscellaneous release files (e.g. SFV, NFO, etc). It is also an extensible format that will allow for other uses in the future.

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Ah, so it's nothing to do with the .avi, so to speak? – nbolton Jan 12 '10 at 20:44
No - well not directly. If all you do is play the AVI, you will not need to worry about the .SRR file – William Hilsum Jan 12 '10 at 20:48

The old site with info and downloads is down. (,

Now you can find all relevant information here:

A database of SRR files can be found here:

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