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My .zshrc has the following

 if [[ $STY = '' ]]; then
          screen -aADxR 

I have many Screen "tabs" open. I would like to stop Screen only in one Screen's tab such that I can run commands which I cannot run inside Screen.

I run unsuccessfully

screen -d

which closes one tab.

It may be easier to open a new tab apparently to get a tab without Screen. However, if I open a new tab (not-terminal-tab) in Screen, it opens it inside Screen because of the code in my .zshrc.

How can you close/open Screen in one tab such that other tabs are not closed in Screen?

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You should be able to do Ctrl+A,D which will detach that one session.

That's an interesting trick with screen.

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I did not get Ctrl+A D to work with my code, neither without it. -- I get the following when I press Ctrl+A D: – Masi Jul 21 '09 at 13:26
Sorry, it should be Ctrl+A d (i.e. lowercase). The normal detach command, in other words. – staticsan Jul 23 '09 at 0:17

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