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Is it possible to copy my virtual disk contents to my Bootcamp partition and use bootcamp from there. I know you can use a bootcamp partition as a virtual machine, if you already have Windows on a bootcamp partition, but how about vice-versa.

This is a Windows 7 virtual machine.

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How many applications have you installed in you Windows 7 virtual machine? If it's not too many, you would be much better off creating a fresh install of Windows 7 using the Boot Camp Assistant, and then using Windows Easy Transfer to transfer your data. Use it first in your VMware installation to export your data to a USB external hard drive. Then, once you've installed your Boot Camp partition and reinstalled your applications, use Windows Easy Transfer to import your data from the USB external. Here's an MSDN video that I didn't watch but may be useful.

Windows Easy Transfer

I say this because it's unreliable to clone a Windows installation for use on another computer. The VMware virtual machine is considered to be another computer in this case compared to your Mac since it uses some virtual hardware in Windows (e.g. graphics chip).

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Guess i'll have to make do with that. – Peto Jan 14 '10 at 22:19

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