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Possible Duplicate:
Remote Desktop and Aero in Windows 7


  1. Is there any hacks that allowes Aero Glass Remoting (From Windows 7 Pro) to my Windows 7 Pro?

  2. I presume there is also patch for Windows 7 Pro that allows using the computer and remoting the same computer at the same time. (Similar concurrency patch was for 7 RC, Vista and XP so I'm pretty confident I find this)

See also this table in Wikipedia.

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This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

Both questions have duplicates.…… – heavyd Jan 13 '10 at 20:03
@heavyd, I read the first thread before posting... and what I understod their outcome was that when remoting to Windows 7 Pro the aero does not work (only when remoting to Ultimate/enterprise it works). – Ciantic Jan 13 '10 at 20:40
@heavyd, And second doesn't mention anything about Windows 7, from what I know it Concurrency thing cannot be done with simple registry edit, one needs to patch the dll like in Windows 7 RC and Vista. – Ciantic Jan 13 '10 at 20:49

I think you'll need to clarify what you mean by Aero Remoting. Do you mean Aero Glass Remoting or just Aero Remoting?

Type allow remote access or you can find Remote tab of System Properties. I believe by default Remote Assistance is turned on, and Remote Desktop is turned off.

If you have older RDP clients (Windows XP machines) you'll want to the less secure option.

If you have the latest RDP client, and if you're using Win7 Pro to connect to Win7 Pro, you should have it, you'll get Aero Remote, it won't be Aero Glass Remote unless you remote into Win7 Ultimate/Enterprise system.

What is the difference? Glass is the semi-transparent window borders, and snazzy UI widgets. Glass is Flip3d and AeroPeak. Glass is being able to play a multimedia video through the remote session with sound that doesn't look like it is running on a 486DX (this is also a bandwidth intensive so you want to do this on the LAN).

First Google hit of windows 7 concurrency remote desktop comes up with:

Caveat, haven't tested this out since I haven't really needed this.

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Sir, Aero Glass Remote, this is most likely what is meant with Wikipedia table too... And thats what I'm asking, there must be a hack that allows Win7Pro -> Win7Pro Aero (Glass) Remoting. – Ciantic Jan 14 '10 at 10:20
I updated the question, now it is hopefully more clear. – Ciantic Jan 14 '10 at 10:28
Please read the comment in my answer, I do not know why Wikipedia has that chart - but, following my answer should allow aero through the way I said. – William Hilsum Jan 14 '10 at 10:33
That chart is correct for RTM. I have tested against Win7 Pro and Win7 ultimate. If you remote into Win7 Pro, you won't get transparent windows, and the full Aero experience. You need to remote into Ultimate/Enterprise. Even if you click every checkbox before you remote in, you still won't get it. The Wikipedia page has citation, please cite yours. – Darren Hall Jan 14 '10 at 15:43

As long as you expand Options, in particular the Experience tab and choose Desktop Composition, it should allow remote Aero.

This is built in to the latest version of Remote Desktop / Terminal Services Connection, and you should only need to install an update on older versions - it does not require any "hack".

alt text

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I believe you, just update this table then: I cannot update it yet as I cannot test it until I have the Win7Pro installed... – Ciantic Jan 13 '10 at 20:37
"it should allow remote Aero." doesn't allow it for me, i'd say the wiki update will have to wait :) – Molly7244 Jan 13 '10 at 20:56
@Molly - What do you mean? I shouldn't of written the word should, this is the correct way to do it - if the version of Windows you connect to allows it, this is how to view it remotely.... @Ciantic, try it - it does work in ANY version of 7 that has Aero and remote desktop. – William Hilsum Jan 14 '10 at 10:32
He likely means when you go Personalize screen, the Window Color has 1 option, Windows 7 Basic, the Windows aren't transparent. Yes this is even with Desktop Composition enabled. I can get Remote Aero Glass with Win7Ultimate in VMware Workstation, but I cannot get it in Win7Pro. – Darren Hall Jan 14 '10 at 15:48

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