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I just bought an ACer 1810T with integrated bluetooth and a Logitech Nano VX mouse. When I use the mouse with the nano dongle it comes with, it works fine. But of course I would like to use the integrated bluetooth device instead.

I thought it should be easy: Enable bluetooth on the notebook, open it via the taskbar-icon and just search for devices. Unfortunately, Windows 7 doesn't find the mouse. As far as I can see. the mouse also has no 'connect-button' or something like this. Of course, the mouse is on, and the dongle isn't put in the mouse (which switches the mouse completely off...)

I hope somebody now what to do, I'm a little confused about that ;) Thanks a lot!

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after some more research I've found out that the NANO VX isn't a bluetooth mouse. I allways believed it has to be one (because the nano reciever ist almost the same size then the little bluetooth dongles I've seen), but it seems it isn't. Thats a pitty, but I should inform myself better before buying.

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