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How to show Year, date and day along with Time in windows taskbar? through autohotkey

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I dont think autohotkey is required, see my answer – Starx Jun 17 '10 at 7:38
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alt text

I've got:

  • Year,
  • date,
  • day,
  • Time, and
  • AutoHotkey :)

I fear I may have missed the point of your question though. I'm not sure how AutoHotkey is required to display the items you asked about.

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AutoHotkey is not required, see – Tobias Kienzler Jun 17 '10 at 7:32

Without using extra tools you can just enlarge the taskbar (see here)

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unlock the taskbar and increase its height

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Try TClockEx.

TClockEx enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock, adding the ability to display the date, time and lots of other information in any format you like. TClockEx is highly customizable, from the format to the font and colour, and even the tooltip information. Many people have wondered why this wasn't built into the standard clock to begin with.

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