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I have a linux server running PingTunnel to tunnel ICMP packets to regular TCP traffic.

What do I need to install on my windows client in order to get regular web browsing to work with this proxy?

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From the instructions on the ptunnel website:

The -p switch sets the address of the host on which the proxy is running. A quick test to see if the proxy will work is simply to try pinging this host - if you get replies, you should be able to make the tunnel work.

The -lp, -da and -dp switches set the local listening port, destination address and destination port. For instance, to tunnel ssh connections from the client machine via a proxy running on to the computer, the following command line would be used:

sudo ./ptunnel -p -lp 8000 -da -dp 22

You will need to replace with your server that is running the proxy, is the website you would like to visit, and 22 should be 80. Then you should be able to enter http://localhost:8000 into your browser.

One down side of this is that you can only connect to one domain with each instance of ptunnel that is running, but still cool when you're in a pinch.

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