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When I start downloading a file the rate is 101kbps.
2 hours later it's 25.1 kbps.
Why is it slowing down and reducing the download rate?

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If you're using the 'free download' at MegaUpload (and other one-click hosting services) they reserve the right to adjust (reduce) the bandwidth in favor of their paid customers.

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the moronic anonymous downvoter on the loose again? ^^ – Molly7244 Jan 14 '10 at 14:09
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Simply, bandwidth can be quite expensive - but what isn't used just goes to waste which is why they offer a free service.

From their FAQ

What is the advantage of a Megaupload Premium account?

You get a lot of extra features for a very low flat fee - starting at EUR 9.99 per month: Highest download priority and bandwidth, unlimited downloading (no daily limits, no more annoying "Download limit exceeded" messages), no waiting before a download starts, direct downloads, access to files larger than 1024 megabyes, unlimited lifetime of the files in your account throughout the validity period of your premium status, dramatically increased capacity of your file portfolio, and many more.

As you are probably aware, if you do multiple downloads, your speed gets split/shared between them all. When you stop a download or it just finishes, the others (usually) go a bit faster. The same happens their end, they have (I am guessing) thousands of downloads going at any one moment and your speed will adjust to whatever is spare at any moment.

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+1 ... they can't have it their way! :) – Molly7244 Jan 14 '10 at 14:11

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