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I want to define a document header or footer for all of my print pages on windows. but I don't know where should define a document template or array. and one more important thing I don't want to restrict my self to some particular softwares like MS word etc ...

is there any solution regarding that?

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It's a workaround but with Zan Image Printer (a driver to print to image files, price: 59.95$) you could add watermarks (text or bmp - visible) and redirect the result to a true printer.

Perhaps is there other drivers like this but more oriented to header & footer?

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I don't think you can define a page header or page footer for your printer at the system level, at least not through the operating system.

The only thing I can think of, is if your printer driver offers this support in some way -- that would cause it to print on every page, regardless of application. Have you looked at your printer driver options?

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