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Is there an Earth Clock widget for Windows 7's desktop?

I mean something like this, a view of the earth, with the evolution of the light part, according to the time (the clocks in themselves are not really important):

example screenshot

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Do you mean something which mostly would provide the earth image, updated with the current sun position? Or simply the different clocks, from different areas? – Gnoupi Jan 14 '10 at 16:11
Mostly the map with the sun. Not the clocks. – Pablo Jan 14 '10 at 17:46
someone voted to close this as "too localized"?? this is practically the complete opposite! – quack quixote Jan 14 '10 at 20:24

Here is a gadget that provides the map and not the clock:

Sun Clock Vista Gadget

enter image description here has a couple of sidebar gadgets provide world clocks. You can create a separate instance for each timezone you want to track.

12-hour clocks 24-hour clocks

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I think this could suit your needs: Sun Clock.

sun clock

This is a conversion of a Yahoo! widget for Windows 7, made recently. It is still a work in progress, and obviously you can post comment on the given page, the author is open to suggestions.

Direct link to the widget.

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